TAPP in your business *

Make things easier for your guests. And for yourself.

Paying goes smoother with TAPP. For pub-visitors. But also for the pub. No more guests that forget to pay? Less time wasted on payments? Better service? Higher income? TAPP makes it possible.


  • 1

    Guaranteed payments

    Guests who use TAPP always pay. That’s because we guarantee their payment. Guests leaving without paying is a problem of the past.

  • 2

    Work efficiently

    Bar personnel loses less time on payments. No more fuss about card payments or people wanting to pay separately: with TAPP guests pay with 1 tap on their phone.

  • 3

    Better for personnel

    With TAPP bar personnel save more time for small talk with guests. On top of that TAPP doubles their tips. That’s a nice bonus, right?

  • 4

    Better for guests

    No-one likes spending time on paying. Not the bar personnel, and definitely not the guests. By smoothening and simplifying the paying process TAPP makes sure your guests have an even better time.

  • 5

    Higher revenue

    With TAPP guests can always drink on a running bill. And it’s been proven: people drinking on a tab order more on average. 26% more.


“TAPP works incredible. My guests love using it, and behind the bar everyone’s very enthusiastic. I’m convinced that paying with TAPP will become common practice.”

Robert Ros – Owner Café Schilders, Flamingo and Walter Woodbury

“What I love about TAPP is that it takes away all the hassle around paying, while it doesn’t come at the expense of the contact between guests and personnel. On the contrary: there’s more time for a chat now that the bar personnel no longer has to run to and fro to fetch the bill.”

Patrick Hendrikse – Owner Brouwerij ’t IJ, horecaondernemer

“TAPP works like a charm, but what I’m most pleased with is that is guarantees payments. It’s great to always be able to let guests drink on a tab and to never have to deal with people leaving without paying. I’d recommend it to anyone.”

Joost Maarschalkerweerd – Owner Oker, Boterhal, Dekxels, Werelds aan het Strand, brouwerij St Joris


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