Last changes made on 22 May 2017

TAPP wants you to have a great night. That’s why it’s important you trust TAPP. Important that you know we take privacy very serious. That we keep your personal information secure. Because that’s what we do. Your privacy and the security of your information are our highest priority. Having a good time in the pub is important, but keeping your data safe is even more important to us.

In this Privacy Policy we explain how we handle your information. What data we collect, how we collect it and why.

Your privacy is extremely important. So it would be a shame if you lost your way in this policy after two lines of incomprehensible legal language use. That’s why we tried to write this Privacy Policy as understandable and simple as possible. Still too much information? (We get it, you just want to have a beer.) We can give you a short summary: we promise we’ll do everything in our power to keep your information secure and process your payments safely.

Something else: we do all we can to keep your information safe, but to help us do so there’s a few things you can do. The most important things you can do are
* Keep your personal code a secret
* Don’t let other people use your account
* Make sure your phone is secured
* Contact us immediately when a problem occurs

1 What information does TAPP collect and process?


You can only use TAPP by creating an account. To do this you fill in some personal information: your name, your phone number, your postal code and house number. You also authorize us to write off TAPP-checks from your IBAN (bank account) or credit card, for which you need to fill in your IBAN or credit card number. Al this information is needed for TAPP to work properly.

Use of the app

When you’re using TAPP the app asks you for access to your location. The only purpose for this request is to sort cafes and bars on proximity, so you can immediately click the bar you’re going to have a drink without searching for it. There’s no other reason we want to know where you are. Of course we can only use your location information when you authorize us in the app. Authorized us but changed your mind? You can always adjust this in your mobile phone settings.

TAPP also collects data about the behavior of app users. TAPP only uses aggregated, anonymous information for this, with the sole purpose to improve our service and map consumer behavior (just like you we’re very curious whether there are still people ordering a Bacardi Breezer at the bar). Besides consumer behavior we never look at information on an individual level, unless this is necessary to react to a question you asked and after you’ve explicitly authorized us to do so.


TAPP’s website collects the information webbrowsers and mobile devices make available, like your IP-address, your browser type, the type of mobile device you’re using and the referring site. In short: information that isn’t personally identifiable. TAPP’s goal in collecting this information is to grasp how visitors use our website, so we can improve it.

2 Cookies

When you visit the website TAPP can place cookies on your computer or mobile phone. Cookies are small bits of information a server sends to the browser, so the browser can send the information back to the server at your next visit. Cookies are not harmful for your computer, mobile phone or the data on it.

Whether you accept cookies is up to you of course. TAPP’s website will still run as intended when you don’t accept them. However: the only goal we use cookies for is to make our website more user friendly. So the only result of accepting cookies is that we can make TAPP run smoother for you.

3 For what purposes does TAPP use your data?

* To enable your use of TAPP. Which means: to offer you the information needed to let TAPP function normally and to process your payments;

* To maintain and secure TAPP, to analyze and optimalize;

* To properly carry out our further service;

* To set up anonymized statisics;

* To meet the legislation and regulation that apply to TAPP.

Sharing information with third parties

TAPP will never share your personally identifiable data with third parties without your explicit consent.
The only information TAPP can share with third parties are anonymized, statistical data that aren’t personally identifiable. Which means: we can’t rule out the possibility we will share our statistics about the amount of beer people drink in Amsterdam with the outside world at some point. But we will never share information that can be traced back to you, with nobody. The only exception to this are situations in which legislation and/or regulation oblige us to do so, or situations in which TAPP deems it necessary to protect its own rights.

TAPP’s website may contain links to a website of a third party. TAPP has no say over such websites or services from third parties, and TAPP doesn’t accept responsibility for these.

4 Veiligheid: hoe beschermt TAPP jouw gegevens?

TAPP handles your information with the utmost care. For starters we always act in accordance with the Law protecting personal information. But we do more than that. TAPP has a ‘Security Verified’ certificate from the ICT Institute. This certificate shows that our procedures regarding safety of information meet high standards. For the processing of payments TAPP works together with two payment services, which means we can minimize the payment information we need to save ourselves. These two payment services are internationally known as very reliable.

For settling users’ credit card payments TAPP cooperates with Stripe Payments Europe, a company that also processes payments for companies like Twitter, Kickstarter and The Guardian (and which is certified as PCI Service Provider Level 1, which is the highest evel of certification in the area of payment security). When you enter your credit card information in this app the information is safely transmitted to the TAPP system (which makes the information untraceable to you), and is then transmitted on to Stripe.

By using this method TAPP never needs to store or process your credit card information, and this information can be managed safely by Stripe, a company specialized in this security. So even in the case of a break-in in the TAPP server, your credit card information can’t be obtained.

Users’ IBAN-information are secured through an encryption so the security of the information meets the highest requirements. For processing IBAN payments TAPP cooperates with Payconiq, a subsidiary of ING. Payconig makes sure that bills payed with TAPP are written off the user’s bank account.

5 Catering facilities

To enable users’ payments TAPP is linked to the cash register systems used by catering facilities. This means that TAPP processes these facilities’ information. The security and confidentiality of this information are just as important to us as the app-users’ information. In other words: TAPP takes the catering facilities’ privacy very serious.

That’s why TAPP processes the information obtained from catering facilities with the same confidentiality and care as the users’ information. This means we will never share information that can be traced back to a catering facility with third parties, unless we have explicit permission from a catering facility to do so. As with app-users, the only information we can share is anonymous, statistical information about the amount of beers people drink in the Amsterdam catering industry.

6 TAPP and minors

If you’re not sixteen years old or older, you need to have permission from your parent or guardian before creating an account. By accepting this Privacy Policy, you guarantee you’re sixteen years old or older or have permission from your parents or guardian to create an account.

7 How can I see, change or delete my personal information?

The personal information TAPP obtained from you can be found and changed under the button ‘my account’. You can also delete your account here. If your account is deleted TAPP will also delete all your personal information.

8 Changes in the Privacy Policy

Although any changes in TAPP’s Privacy Policy will probably be small, it may occur that TAPP adjusts its Privacy Policy from time to time. That’s why TAPP encourages you to check the Privacy Policy regularly to stay informed of any changes. The most recent version of this Privacy Policy can be found on www.tapp.cafe and in the app.