TAPP for businesses in hospitality

We offer new digital possibilities for the old-fashioned bar. TAPP measures sales and marketing in bars and restaurants. More than 600 bars and restaurants already work with TAPP.

With TAPP you compare your performance with a benchmark of other businesses in hospitality . Why do I sell less coke than the average bar? Is there an opportunity to increase the price of my craft beer?

In addition, you’ll improve the relation with your suppliers. For example by cooperating in testing which actions and promotions work well in your bar. TAPP brings you better results for your business.


  • Compare consumptions, prices, categories, sales per time-of-day
  • Quickly discover trends and price developments
  • Innovative entrepreneurship, without additional investments

  • Smart promotions and product launches, together with your suppliers
  • Get discounts or rewards from your suppliers
  • Plug & play: quick installation for every cash register, in cooperation with your POS supplier


Plug & play box

TAPP measures the performance of brands and their marketing in the out of home industry. We do this with a smart little box, linked to the cash register. We perform the installation together with your POS supplier; this takes 45 minutes. Your cash register will stay fully operational.

You're in charge of your data

Our technology measures which consumptions are sold at what time. TAPP processes these data into anonymous market insights, so they cannot be traced back to one single business. Only if you decide to do an project together with a supplier, for example testing how well new marketing works in your bar, we will share data from your location with this supplier – and then only the data for their own brand. We will only do this after you give explicit permission in advance.

24/7 Insights in your performance

What do you have to do now? Nothing. But we will give you an insightful online dashboard. It compares your products, brands, prices and sales at any time of day, with the performance of other bars and restaurants – in a representative benchmark. Which products do well in other bars? Or: how is my 0% beer priced, compared to the benchmark?


Renze van der Kroft | Phone: 06 13 00 50 06 | Mail: renze@tapp.cafe

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