What is TAPP?

TAPP is an app that simplifies paying the bill at bars and cafés. You can see your order on your phone, split the bill between you and your friends, and when the night is done you can pay with one tap on your phone. Relaxed right?

How does the app work?
  1. Start a check. Make a check with TAPP. Or join one of your friends’ tabs. Tell the bartender you’re paying with TAPP.
  2. Do your thing. Drink, talk, chill. Whatever you like. TAPP keeps track of your order. And splits the bill between you and your friends. Easy.
  3. Pay with 1 click. Ready to leave? Choose how much you want to tip service and pay with 1 click. Paying for someone in advance? That’s possible. With TAPP you can immediately send a payment request via WhatsApp.
I already opened a ‘regular’ check, can I transfer that onto a TAPP-check?

Yes, you can always check in later. Tell the bar personnel you want to pay with TAPP, and they put the drinks from your ‘regular’ tab onto your TAPP-check.

I’m not drinking alone, does everyone have to download TAPP?

That’s not necessary. With TAPP you can send people a payment request via WhatsApp, even if they don’t have TAPP.

What if one of my friends doesn’t have TAPP or can’t check in?

He or she can still pay with TAPP. As soon as you’ve checked in you can indicate whether you want to pay for more than one person. After you pay TAPP gives you the option to simply send a payment request via WhatsApp.

Do I still have to pay at the bar?

No. With TAPP you pay with one tap on your phone. We make sure the bill is written off your bank account or credit card. Don’t forget to wave to the bartender as you’re leaving though.

How does TAPP split the bill?

TAPP splits the bill proportionally over everyone that’s checked in. So you’re only paying for the rounds of drinks you were checked in for.

Someone in your group not checking in with TAPP? You can make sure he or she is still part of splitting the bill by indicating you’re paying for multiple people. TAPP lets you send that person a payment request via WhatsApp after you’re done, so he or she can just pay.

What if my phone battery dies while I’m checked in?

You will automatically stay checked in until the bar closes your tab. Want to check out before that? Your friends can also check you out from their phone by clicking your name.

What if I’m eating or drinking for much more money than the people on my tab?

TAPP splits the bill equally over everyone that’s checked in. That way we keep things clear. Are you only drinking cocktails while your friends drink beer? You could soothe their pain by giving an extra round in the app.

I checked in on one of my friends’ tab. Can I still change the time I checked in?

You sure can. Click your own name, and you’re given the option to change the time you checked in.

I want to cancel my check, what do I do?

When you opened a TAPP-check you can’t cancel it yourself. That way the bar is sure you’re not leaving without paying :) Still want to cancel? Ask the bar personnel to do it for you. You can still pay your check cash or by card. Next time you’ll just use TAPP right?

When is the money from TAPP-bills written off from my bank account?

Your TAPP-checks are normally written off in 3 to 5 workdays after paying with TAPP.

How do you send a payment request via WhatsApp?

People you’re sending a payment request get a link with which they can pay their part of the bill with iDEAL. Then they can choose how much money they want to contribute. This amount is taken from the amount TAPP writes off your bank account.

I sent my friends a payment request. How do I know they paid?

Check ‘Oude Bonnetjes’ to see the bill you split. Beneath the check you can see exactly which friends paid, and how much they paid.

How long is the link in the payment request valid?

Your friends have 3 days to pay. After that the TAPP-bill is written off your bank account, so they can no longer pay their share via the link you sent them.

Is TAPP free?

It sure is. As free as free can be.

What happens when I don’t have enough money on my bank account?

When TAPP can’t deduct the money your TAPP-account gets temporarily blocked. You’ll receive an SMS with a link to pay the due amount.

How does TAPP make sure my data are safe?

Data from users is directly anonimized. Payments are done through Stripe and Mollie, two very trustworthy payment services. Want to know more? Read our Privacy Policy.